We offer comprehensive management of geodetics assignments in relation to real estate transactions and appraisals.

Would you like to know the exact limits of your real estate plot and the exact location of your fence line?

Within the construction industry we solve geodetics engineering assignments that require highly precise measurements.

Seratus Real Estate Ltd proceeds comprehensively on behalf of its clients, in compliance with the effective statutory regulations, vis-à-vis real estate registries, municipalities and specialist authorities as required. We prepare diagrammatical plans of changes and arrange for their endorsement in the real estate registry for the registration of changes (joining or splitting of plots, tearing down buildings, presenting buildings, registering easements and other rights, etc.).

We prepare digital floor plans and arrange for their endorsement as required for the preparation and amendment of condominium charters and property by-laws of housing cooperatives.

We prepare expert opinions in matters of surveying and construction geodetics.

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Thermal camera investigations

Our firm also accepts mandates for investigations using thermal cameras



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