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Dear Visitor,

We appreciate your visit to our renewed website and hope to provide some useful information, and eventually welcome you among our several thousand clients every year. As the majority owner of the firm allow me to say a few words about the history of our company.

I founded SERATUS Appraiser Ltd in 1991, which was one of the first in the country performing real estate appraisals, asset appraisals, privatisation and bankruptcy consulting and even liquidations.

After 10 years of successful operations we streamlined the business with my co-owners and in 2001 we spun off the real estate-related activities of the firm into an independent real estate limited liability company. In addition to real estate and assets appraisals and real estate brokering we introduced new business lines for the technical and banking project control of investments and the preparation of energy certificates.


In 2008 our company was included on the register of forensic experts (IRM/IKSZFO/1106/2008), and we subsequently changed our name to SERATUS Real Estate Consulting Forensic Expert Ltd.

The development of our company and the proliferation of our assignments necessitated the expansion of our corporate management structure and two of my co-owners were granted executive management powers.

I am proud that despite the financial crisis of 2008 we were able to retain our regular experts and our company was not forced to cut its workforce, there was no change in the headcount of our experts employed at the limited liability company. The fact that we are a Hungarian-owned family firm, employing also the children and the siblings of the owners, serves as a guarantee that we will not sacrifice our long-term interests for short-term gains. On the long term we aim for nothing less than to maintain the immaculate reputation of our company in striving to satisfy our clients. Whatever the assignment; be it the appraisal of real estate, of objects or assets, technical project control, forensic expertise, appraisal of arable land, real estate brokering, or an energy certificate audit.

Thank you for your attention!

Miklós Máté Managing Director
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