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Unfortunately numerous problems, either of a physical or a legal nature, could occur to a real estate property. At the beginning often there are only minor signs of physical problems, but recognising them in time could spare the owner millions in costs. A minor leak, crack, stubborn spot of mould could often signal severe shortcomings in construction or renovation. Our experts can help identify the cause of the defect and the means of its repair to avoid realising it too late once the apartment has become uninhabitable.

Settling legal problems requires clarification of the apartment’s legal status so that most disputes can be settled. For example, the proprietary rights to a disputed parking place can be clarified through acquaintance with the accessible official documents. Relying on 28 years of experience our experts help find solutions to disputed issues and avoid many years of litigation. An expert is also required if the parties have failed to agree earlier and if they are already litigating to settle the matter. In disputed cases he determines the value of the damages to be requested, any loss of rent, etc. In cooperation with his lawyer he helps you to get into the best position in the dispute. Don’t miss the opportunity to have a certified expert work to assist you in compliance with the laws, or if the case is hopeless, to inform you about this, so that neither your money or time is wasted.

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